Sunday, January 31, 2010

BPI Real Thrills! Free Meals @ Jolibee!!!


Now, expect more thrills as you experience more freedom!

Pay for your bills conveniently through any of BPI's 24/7 Banking Channels: Express Online, Express Phone and Express Mobile and be free from the hassle of traveling and going to a payment center, or the inconvenience of falling in line or rushing just to beat closing time. And because BPI 24/7 Banking gives you the "freedom from" then you have the "freedom to". Be free to spend time for yourself, and to be with your loved ones, or to do what you really want to do. Plus, get the thrill of receiving freebies at your favorite stores!

Because for every bills payment transaction you make, you rack up on credits, which you can exchange for choice items at our Real Thrills partner merchant- Jollibee.

All you need to do is register once, and all your qualified bills payment transactions during the promo period automatically earn you credits.

Redeeming is also hassle-free! Simply choose the item that you want to redeem; you get a text message, which serves as your mobile coupon. Present this at any of the participating partner merchant stores and you get your reward.

Never before has paying bills become so thrilling!


Pay your bills through BPI Express Online, Express Phone, or Express Mobile, and get free Jollibee treats!

Get 1 credit for each qualified bills payment transaction done through BPI Express Online, Express Phone, or Express Mobile:

1 Bills Payment = 1 Credit

Exchange the credits you earn for these free Jollibee items:

7 credits    =  Jollibee Spaghetti
14 credits  =  2 pcs. Burger Steak
21 credits  =  2 pcs. Chicken Joy

Simply present the mobile coupon/s* that will be sent to your cell phone and your ATM Card at any Jollibee outlet!

Go to BPI Mag Online for more details! 

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